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Arabian Nights Imported Fragrance Oil

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Arabian night attar perfume roll on Arabian Nights Attar Perfume is used since the ancient the period due to its amazing aromatic properties.

It is originated in India and mixes well with sandalwood and other essential oil. Natural process of extraction is carry out to get this attar oil from the flowers of the Agarwood tree as this process of extraction helps to retain all of the beneficial properties of this attar.

Due to its amazing and refreshing aroma, this attar is used extensively in the aromatherapy sessions as it helps to heal the depressive state of the mind in a most effective way. Insomnia can also be treated with the application of this attar.

The aroma of this attar helps to relax the nerves of the mind and body too by calming it. It is also considered as mood elevator as it helps in uplifting the mood of user by creating a joyful and happy environment.

Muslims mostly used this Arabian Nights Attar Perfume, as it is free from any harmful preservatives and alcohol. It is also of skin friendly nature and can be used at any parts of the body safely.

Process of extraction Biotic & Natural technique of extraction is adopted to obtain Arabian Nights Attar Perfume from the flowers of the agarwood tree as it helps to retain all of the beneficial properties of it.

The pure oil that is obtained after the extraction process has captivating and refreshing aroma and the color of the attar is of light brown.

Product Description :-

A pure and long lasting aroma created for individuals who have a strong taste and are looking to shine among others.

Zahee has a base of musky wood, a floral woody heart and top note of fresh green.

The creative scent emanates the aromatic essence of Galbanum and Bergamot and is completed with the floral aroma of Patchouli, Jasmine and Rose.

It ends perfectly with notes of Musk, Vetiver and Sandalwood.Disclaimer:Photo is for reference purposes only, actual condition/color/style may vary.

Bottles shown are subject to availabity color or shape of the bottle can be change.

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Arabian Nights Attar Fragrance Oil

As low as $24.95